Professional Video Editing on the iPhone 15 Pro: A Complete Guide

The iPhone 15 Pro is a excellent choice for editing videos. It has a powerful processor and lots of storage. It is also able to play many graphic-intensive games.

The iPhone 15 Pro has a USB-C connector that can provide faster data transfer speeds. It’s a significant improvement over previous iPhones which relied on an Lightning connection, or AirDrop.


As a change away from iPhone 14 Pro, Apple is nixing the 128GB entry-level alternative and instead, letting users begin at 128GB. This puts the cost of the iPhone 15 Pro at $999 and $1,199 if you opt for the model with 512GB.

The phone has a new 48MP camera making it a good option for users who wants to take photos or videos with their smartphones. The phone has a broad color gamut and can display HDR images when using certain applications.

It also supports a new codec called ProRes. It can create 4K footage at 60FPS without overflowing space on internal storage. This could be a major breakthrough for mobile filmmakers as it lets users record video of high quality as well as avoid compression artifacts, which were a problem for some HEVC videos on older phones.

A further improvement is the support for USB-C this will allow the iPhone use the same cables like other smartphones of recent years and laptops. This should speed up data transfer and also allow faster charging.

The best iPhone for video editing

For those who are professional photographer The iPhone 15 Pro is an outstanding choice to edit your video. It’s got an enormous display, insanely powerful processor, as well as a impressive three-lens camera. It’s also future-proofed, meaning that it’ll keep pace with new technology for longer than many other phones.

The latest iPhone 15 Pro has a variety of features that are ideal that will appeal to professionals who film, including support for LOG color and ProRes recording. It can also record spatial videos. These are 3D videos you can watch with Apple’s new Vision Pro extended reality headset.

One of the top iPhone apps for video editing is PowerDirector. This free tool offers advanced tools for stabilization, pixel-peeping Speech to Text, and much more. Additionally, it comes with an impressive set of AI-powered effects, like a body-effect which creates a set of electric contours around your subject’s head, or a series of outlines to add depth. You can also add music tracks, titles as well as filters.

Editing videos on iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro and its variations have substantial improvements for video creators. Camera sensors are up to 48MP – doubling the resolution of earlier versions and capable of capturing the video in a spatial format that can be viewed on Apple’s new Vision Pro headset. The display is capable of peak brightness of 1,000nits and is in the colour spectrum of P3 which makes it ideal for post-production.

The Pro models also come with special video settings like Cinematic (shallow in depth), Slo-Mo and Time-Lapse along with ProRes recording. The 256GB model is able to record 4K with 60 frames per second and also supports Log encode. In contrast, the 128GB model has the ability to store 4K video to an external storage however, the same limitation existed for earlier iPhones means it cannot capture ProRes videos in full resolution internally. However, this can be arounddo with a dedicated external SSD drive. They also have faster transfer speeds via USB-C, which can go with speeds up to 10Gbps, but you’ll have to buy the appropriate cables separately.

ProRAW and ProRes for edit videos with the iPhone 15 Pro

While the iPhone 15 Pro’s 48MP images are able to be stored in a compact JPEG or HEIF file, there’s a need for more storage space to make video recordings using Apple ProRAW. This is a lossless codec that offers the maximum possible range of latitude when it comes to dynamic spectrum, color gamut and exposure.

Apple’s ProRes is yet another codec for video which allows you to record HD videos using your iPhone. It’s less compressed than HEVC as well as it maintains high-quality images when editing in post-production programs.

The iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone iphone 15 pro 256gb 15 Pro Max support USB 3.0 This means you can connect an external drive via USB-C and directly record ProRes to the device. This is fantastic news for film makers who wish to keep their footage in professional quality without worry about storage space being depleted.

The new 3nm A17 Pro chip on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max allows hardware-accelerated ray tracing, which is perfect for gaming that requires graphics. The chip makes phones feel nimble and responsive to user input.