From Rap Devil to Rockstar: Exclusive MGK Gear

Cleveland native and rapper, Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), continues to make noise in the music industry, with his recent transition from rap to rock music. MGK has been on a journey of self-discovery and evolution, reaching new heights of success with hits like “Rap Devil” and “Rockstar”. Along with his musical growth, MGK has also expanded into the world of fashion by creating his own exclusive line of merchandise. Let’s take a closer look at how MGK’s brand has evolved from a rap devil to a rockstar.

MGK first gained recognition in 2011 when he released his debut album “Lace Up”, which included the popular single “Wild Boy”. He quickly made a name for himself in the rap scene with his raw lyrics and energetic performances. However, as he grew as an artist, so did his sound and style. In 2018, he dropped the infamous diss track “Rap Devil” aimed at fellow rapper Eminem. This controversial song marked a turning point for MGK as he began experimenting with different genres.

His next hit single “Rockstar” featuring Post Malone was another game changer for MGK. The song skyrocketed him to international fame and became one of the biggest songs of 2020. With this shift towards rock music, came a major change in not only MGK’s sound but also his appearance.

As an avid performer on stage and off stage fashion enthusiast, it was no surprise that MGK would eventually dive into clothing design. In 2017, he collaborated with streetwear brand Young & Reckless to release limited edition pieces that incorporated lyrics from “The Lox” accompanied by their famous logo comprised of flames dousing out hate symbols creating eye-catching lines“we gonna blow up”. But it wasn’t until recently that he launched his own merchandising brand under EST19XX (EST being slang acronym for “establoshed”) alongside his musical label Bad Boy Entertainment.

MGK’s brand has been taking over fashion as aggressively as he took the rock scene. From leather jackets, distressed jeans, and band t-shirts with bold messages like “Rehab is for quitters”, each piece reflects MGK’s rebellious attitude and unapologetic mindset. He has also incorporated his signature ‘X’ symbol into his designs, creating a sense of unity among fans and representing the 19XX crew or “revolutionaries”.

What sets MGK’s clothing line apart is that every piece tells a story. His lyrics being a key element in most pieces are strategically placed to reinforce what the artist stands for. The infamous single “I Think I’m Okay” being embroidered on hats and shirts was inspired by an experience of relatable hustle. It is believed that ‘Est’ represents October 19th when MGK’s daughter was born while XX carries two meanings – representing both talent in him & fans who unconditionally support him under all odds.

Not only does MGK’s merchandise have personal significance but they are also exclusive limited edition collections that sell out almost instantly online or in store at the Cleveland-based shop EST Fest Seasonal Pop-ups, which offers unique Experience Fest partnerships opportunities designing their own custom items distributed during special events created by some accredited business partners.

In conclusion, Machine Gun Kelly merchandise’s transformation from rap devil to rockstar has not only been evident through his music but also through his fashion choices and collaboration with EST19XX. His brand promotes individuality, independence and staying true to oneself while continuously evolving both musically and stylistically – something that many can relate to in today’s constantly shifting culture.